Installing CFENV on Mac OS X

Installing CFENV on Mac OS X

Using Homebrew

The first and most common way to install is using Homebrew.

If you don’t know what Homebrew is, visit

I won’t be covering installation of Homebrew in this article.

That being said…

Open up and run the following commands.

$ brew tap joshuairl/homebrew-cfenv 
$ brew update 
$ brew install cfenv

Using Git / GitHub

This will get you going with the latest version of cfenv and make it easy to fork and contribute any changes back upstream. Anyway, we start by installing Git if we don’t already have it. You can do this with homebrew via

brew install git or by downloading Xcode w/ Command Line Tools (recommended). But I’m not going to cover how to do that here.

  1. Check out cfenv into ~/.cfenv.
$ git clone ~/.cfenv
  1. Add ~/.cfenv/bin to your $PATH for access to the cfenv command-line utility.
$ echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.cfenv/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bash_profile
  1. Add cfenv init to your shell to enable shims and autocompletion.
$ echo 'eval "$(cfenv init -)"' >> ~/.bash_profile
  1. Restart your shell so that PATH changes take effect. (Opening a new terminal tab will usually do it.) Now check if cfenv was set up:
$ type cfenv // "cfenv is a function"

Upgrading CFENV

If you’ve installed cfenv manually using git, you can upgrade your installation to the cutting-edge version at any time.

$ cd ~/.cfenv
$ git pull

To use a specific release of cfenv, check out the corresponding tag:

$ cd ~/.cfenv
$ git fetch
$ git checkout v0.0.6

If you’ve installed via Homebrew, then upgrade via its brew command:

$ brew update
$ brew upgrade cfenv

That’s all there is to it!

For usage information and additional installation tips and steps visit

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