Share your local CFML dev site to your colleagues with Forward

Share your local CFML dev site to your colleagues with Forward

Let’s say you’ve started a new CFML app project in your ~/Projects/my_cfml_project directory.

You’re in Terminal (or Cygwin on windows) and have a version of Ruby / RubyGems installed on your system.

On Mac OS X and most Linux distributions, Ruby / RubyGems is already installed.
For Windows Ruby Installations, you can follow this guide on

Assuming you’ve done all that, however…

You’ve already defined a Railo CFML version for your project with cfenv of course… 😉

The Problem

But you have a problem that has came up…
You would LOVE to send your boss and colleague a link to your LOCAL codebase as it exists right now to show them.
If you send them your current URL at http://localhost:8888/my_awesome_file.cfm they will get nothing but nothing.

So… that’s where Forward comes in.

Open up another Terminal Window / Tab or Console screen.

Install Forward with RubyGems

Getting Forward on a system is so easy with RubyGems.

$ gem install forward

Or with sudo gem install forward if you need permissions.

Tunneling your CF / Railo site with Forward

Now that it’s installed, you can use it to give your colleagues web access to your working directory.

Make sure you’re in your project directory.

$ cd ~/Projects/my_cfml_project
$ forward 8888
Forwarding port 8888 to [][8]
Ctrl-C to stop forwarding

It’s even under an SSL, awesome right?

But what if my web app has subdomains like
Well, Forward handles that out of the box too!
Simply go to

That’s it!

I think it is so awesome that there are niche services out there to make our lives as web developers even better than it already is.

Let me know if you use this technique on a project!